Corporate Cup – Run 5

Yep did a PW.
Louise was right, it was over 23min…but there were extenuating circumstances…
What a surprise, some contractors turn up late and it doesn’t look like I will be able to make it to CC again, I sneak in my post race pasta at 12:45. At 1 o’clock the contractors decide they are having lunch so I nip out down to the CC course and register 2 minutes before cut-off. The first lap was sensational, I was flying, feeling good. It was warm, overcast and very windy. My first lap was 11:20, on target for that 22:40 2P! and then it hit…the pre-race post-race pasta reared its ugly head as I had feared when I started and reduced me to a gut cramping crawl. There was no need to guts it out so I walked a bit around the back end of the course when it was clear my race was over, coming home with a wet sail in 25:34, a PW by far.
Time for some renewed vigour, get the training pumping and have a fair crack at 22mins next time I think.

…I am still feeling quite ill.



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3 responses to “Corporate Cup – Run 5

  1. 2P

    Bugger I done me dough… or was that pasta?

    The perils of eating and running…. you’ll smash 22 next time πŸ˜‰

  2. Lorna

    But think of the street cred! I bet everyone slapped you on the back…runners seem to love a good chunder. Especially if it’s someone else doing the heaving.

  3. Louise

    Bummer. You’ll just have to tell your contractors to take an early lunch because you have a prior engagement. Better luck next time. πŸ™‚

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