Taking Miners lead, I have used a movie quote as my post title, If you can guess what movie it comes from you now know, along with Donnie Darco, one of my top five favourite movies. The haunting Spanish rendition of a Roy Orbison song in this movie is chilling.

Well anyway today, I ran the velodrome loop and felt pretty good too after Wednesday’s debacle. Coming home I was tossing up whether to turn left at the cemetery for an undulating last 3k or go straight ahead for a gentle downhill last 3k. I made up my mind early to take the undulating route but after tuning out and day dreaming, I found myself following a footpath veering away from home…where the hell am I? Took the next left and found my way to the cemetery, where I picked up the undulating route home. All up 11.8k in 71 minutes.
Wanted to run to work this morning for walk to work day, but I would have had to carry my steel caps with me and that would have been silly.

Now time to add to my list of 100 things, this is number 101 and is probably the stupidest thing I have ever done…reading Plu’s blog reminded me of it. Walking on a beach in Darwin (from Lee point to Casuarina beach) we got to the creek half way and the tide was right in and the creek was swollen. Instead of turning around and going back I jumped in and swam across, the v.large Deer Hound we were walking started to swim across too, but gave up half way and climbed onto my back to ride the rest of the way. Why is this stupid you may ask…ever heard of crocodiles? They pull over a hundred crocodiles out of Darwin harbour every year…no doubt I would have made the front page of the NT News.



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4 responses to “Silencio

  1. Ellie80

    love your list! and 101 – that is excellent – i think you should keep going to 200!!!!

  2. PortRunr

    Good to see that you’re not following Miner’s lead in the length of the title 😉
    Great list – I’m not game to even start my 100 things. 101 must be insane to think back on!

  3. 2P

    Good to see you are back on track after Wednesday.

  4. Spark Driver

    The crocs may not have liked the taste of you.

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