Further musing from a dull mind.

I was rummaging through my C2B bag last night to actually see what was in it and cam across the SARRC half price membership form. So I started to fill it in…that’s right people I am finally joining a club! It’s about time too really, also with the membership comes free entry to the Christmas Frolic fun run, so more money saved there too! Now all I have to do is get off my arse and send in the application.

We got a another turtle to keep Mr Fanta Pants (so named for the orange around his shell and in honour of gingered haired people) happy as he seems to be moping a bit after the loss of Squirt, Milly (definitely a girl as the breeder incubates at girl temperature) is a little larger than Squirt was and has a few eccentricities but Mr Pants and Her seem to be getting on fine, yay!

On the training front, the discovery of the new Dry creek and velodrome trails have made increasing the mileage easier. Last month was my second biggest month, only the month before my first half was bigger. My current training cycle spans over 2 weeks and is looking like this.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 7k (recovery)
Wednesday – Velodrome route (11-12k) or run home from work (12.5km) (easy)
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 9k Reverse route (including long hill…tempo style)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 9k-12k or Hills run (~6k) (relaxed)

Week 2
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 7k (recovery)
Wednesday – Corporate Cup 4.3k (race)
Thursday – Rest (or cross training)
Friday – Velodrome route (11-12km) (relaxed)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Dry Creek Long Run (~20k) (LSD)

This will most likely be the training structure for the next month or so to the Black Hill Challenge because it seems to work and I have got into a good rhythm. My aim with this training regime is to meet my goals by simply getting fitter and being at a lower weight…I don’t feel the need for speed sessions or hill repeats etc because it just takes too much out of me and puts too much pressure on the legs at the moment. With two more CC races to go over the next two fortnights, I feel that if I can crack 22min30 there, I will be a chance to crack my 25min 5k goal on 12 November (Sri Chinmoy). After that another 3 weeks to get the fitness up to have a go at 10k in 55mins for the SARRC Xmas Frolic on 3 Dec.

All up exciting times ahead, the other two events I will be entering are 22 October Run 4 Life 9k event and the Black Hill Challenge 12.5k on the 5 November.

OK time to end the drivel now.



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5 responses to “Further musing from a dull mind.

  1. ewen

    Good news about joining the club. Regular racing will improve your times. Short races can serve for speedwork too πŸ™‚


    Watch time was 2.30.44; still wating on the official melb half times to be posted, then I will edit the race report πŸ™‚
    Slow but thorough, that’s me

  3. teacherwoman

    Nice job with your training!

    P.S. I posted more about my race. You were right. I didn’t make a big enough deal about it… I guess I just felt it was ONLY a 5K! Oops!

  4. RunDave

    Joining SARRC is a good idea. Even at full-price you you can recoup your fees in the money you save for entries throughout the year.

  5. RunMumRun

    Glad to hear that you are joing the SARRC did the same thing last year and haven’t looked back. By being a member you are now offically a runner πŸ™‚ C U at the Race for Life. Pink Running Skirt

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