Racing the bus.

Set out this morning for a recovery 7k (as per my schedule :O) ), with some new tunes on the MP3 player, the time wizzed by. (I succumbed to buying them on the internet because on Saturday at Target, I saw the new release stand and there was at least 4 albums there I wanted, couldn’t afford that, so I bought them on line.) Today it was Evenescence, Sunday it was Jet, and now it is The Killers and Scissor Sisters. Regardless it has become my habit of late (with miss Simlin catching a bus to work at 6:20ish that I get around to Main North Road, near the end of my run and I decide, I might just go pop a kiss on her cheek before she goes to work, but because of the lateness of my leaving home I have to bolt down Main North rd checking over my shoulder every 30 seconds to see if the bus is coming yet. Just beat it this morning, landed a kiss on the cheek as the bus pulled up but had to really motor over the last 50m.
Glad I didn’t pull anything in the mad dash.



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4 responses to “Racing the bus.

  1. 2P

    Mona’s raced a train in Sydney – but htat was no REAL competition 😉

  2. PortRunr

    Ahhh, good to see you’re combining running with romance so successfully 😉

  3. Rachel

    I don’t know whether to go awwwwh, or just throw up……..just kidding.

  4. Lulu

    Lovely, what a romantic you are! Hope she doesn’t object to the hot and sweaty kisses though;)

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