Trudging on

On waking this morning, I really didn’t feel like getting up. My legs were tired, my brain was tired, in fact I don’t know what possessed me to actually get up. Halfway through getting ready I was walking to the door and paused a minute, contemplating going back to bed, and yet again I dismissed it a little too easily. Once I was out of the door nothing improved, I trudged off. The only consession I made myself was to only do 9-10km and save the longer midweek run for friday. Today I was trying a new route into north adelaide and then around the horse paddock, so I didn’t take my mp3 player either. Oh boy what a dreadful run, 300m up the road I had one of those…bugger this feelings where I almost stopped and turned back to go back to bed…yet I continued on. It was slow hard going and I finally trudged home 9.82km…then kept going to the end of the street to take Garmy up to 10k (why? after so much complaining?)…total time 1hr10mins.

…I am freaking myself out this morning, where on Earth did this insane determination come from? Luckily tomorrow is a rest day so my legs can rejuvinate…I wonder if I will feel like doing any cross training.



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4 responses to “Trudging on

  1. RunDave

    Too bad because you missed my PB or meeting Tesso? :b

    How much of a hassle was shifting to beta blogger? Did you lose/change anything?

  2. ewen

    We all have those “what am I doing here – I’m not enjoying this” type training sessions. At least you did the 10k. I would have cut it at 3k.

    Where is Tesso?

  3. Spark Driver

    I had one of those ‘don’t really feel like it’ mornings today. So I turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep.

    I will try again tomorrow.

  4. Hilda

    You made a great job finishing despite being so tired. Just today I wrote that I’ve never regret of a run at the end of a session! It always ends good!

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