House Spoiler

WARNING: If you love the TV show House, and you do not want to know what happens at the start of season three…DO NOT read the last paragraph. It contains a spoiler for the first episode of season 3.

Finally got in my velodrome loop this morning, I got up a little later than intended due to a reasonably late night out so by the end of the 11.5k loop I was a little hot to say the least. But that is ok, now that I am home, showered, fed and watered I am feeling great. I cruised around the velodrome loop at an easy pace coming home in 71.5 minutes.

Now, as for House, I watched the first episode of season 3 last night at a friends and it started with quite a funny, and relatable scene. For those who don’t know (not those that ignored the warning above) House is a Doctor and had massive muscle death in his leg leading to cronic pain and limping etc. At the end of the second season they hinted at being able to cure it…so the start of the third season starts with House running to work.
Cuddy: Did you run to work?
House: Yep, all 6 miles.
Cuddy: It’s been 16 weeks. You realise the standard recovery time for a gunshot wound to the abdomen is 8 weeks?
House: But after 8 weeks I could only run 3 miles…I never would have made it to work.



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6 responses to “House Spoiler

  1. ewen

    He’s a way off running a marathon – lucky he only lives 6 miles from work.

  2. R2B

    I watch house but i didn’t get the last couple of lines>>

    Maybe i haven’t watched enough?
    So hows the running?

  3. Lulu

    I like watching house and am glad to see he doesn’t die.. well of course they couldn’t kill him off really.

    I’m coming to Adelaide on Friday for a workshop on Saturday morning. Are you interested in a run on Saturday morning? I’m staying in North Adelaide at the Old Adelaide Inn on O’connor street.


    Has the last episode been on yet? I love House but never watch it LOL. I wonder how the plot will be affected if he’s not a chronic pain sufferer? hmmmm

    I was kind of pleased to read that even the great Simlin has those can’t-get-out-of-your-own-road plodding days – there’s hope for the rest of us.
    Run on, dude

  5. 2P

    I loooove House – in fact I think they secretly copied my personality for him – consequently I didn’t read the post 😉

    PS – I don’t have a limp…

  6. Wardman

    thanks for the house tip! could not resist reading on but was a predictable result regardless.
    Re events for the rest of this year – no I won’t be around much but will try to fit in when i can.

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