Run to Work

Last night I discovered I wouldn’t have the car to go to work in this morning, and my normal ride was on the first plane to Melbourne, so I decided to run to work, oops, still had on my steel caps…they won’t fit in my hydration pack even without the bladder.
Solution: I grapped an old backpack and an octopus strap to use as a chest strap, then I put about 5kg of stuff in it, clothes, steel caps, and food and set off. All was going well until about 2k when I felt it swinging around wildly…only to look back over my shoulder and find the pack almost completely undone, but luckily lunch etc was still perched there…miraculously! So after stopping, doing it back up and using my lanyard to clip the zips together I set back off again and was trouble free. Before stopping I had been feeling great and cruising, but after stopping it felt like a struggle to maintain an even pace. I am sure the extra weight on my back contributed to the struggle but I ended up making it to work for 12.5k in 80mins, including the couple of minutes fixing my bag.



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9 responses to “Run to Work

  1. Spark Driver

    What a great start to the day. Good effort too seeing as you was carrying that extra weight.

  2. 2P

    Nice run – but how are you getting home?

  3. Gronk

    Well done. Might be the start of a trend ?


    well done on the race 4 life and the SMALLER CLOTHES!! (I knew it wasn’t just a chick thing LOL).
    Running to work! how keen! I’m glad you didn’t lose all your stuff :O

  5. RunMumRun

    Well done on the Race 4 Life. Saw you cross the finish line and you were running strong. Didn’t get a chance to say hi. MOE was very Grumpy as was GOD. And well done on the smaller size clothes

  6. sonya

    You are one keen puppy! Well done in the race for life. Think I’ll be using you for pacing on Nov 5! Used your blog as an example for my students AGAIN!! Keep running. Sunni

  7. Lulu

    5kgs is a lot of extra weight to carry on your back so I’m sure that’s the only reason you found it hard work.

  8. plu

    Hi Simon,

    I could not get through to comment this morning. Good on you for running to work. I want to do more of this.

    Cheers Plu

  9. R2B

    Its really hard to run when you add some extra weight on to your back!

    Hopefully it didn’t cause any chaffing?

    Happy Trails R2B

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