Let’s get physical….physical

Got out on this fine All Halows’ Eve to enjoy a lap of the cemetery. 6k in 36 mins. I attacked the hills from the start, so by half way around my legs felt a bit shakey.
Anyway, house hunting on Sunday went well and we are going to try and buy a place tonight in fact, well at least meet with the real estate agent and draw up an offer, how is this running related? Well, when buying a house you have to consider the running route possabilities and this one has it all. When I say it all it is 200m from my new favourite run, Dry Creek. that is a little closer than the 5k it presently takes me to get there.
Other news, after being a contractor for just shy of 2 years work are finally going to offer me a permanent role. Now how is this possibly running related? Well there was no running yesterday, instead I had to undergo occupational testing or whatever they call it. Basically it involved lifting pushing, bending, squeezing, pinching, blood pressure, hearing, eye sight, height, weight, dexterity.
This is the first kind of physical type exam I have ever had. The Results as I remember them:
I have a weak right grip, I have a stronger left pinch than right pinch (finger strength).
Height: 198cm
Weight: 115kg (classed as overweight)
BP: Normal
Resting HR: 70 bpm
All my strength is in my legs (lifting waist to knee) and my upper body strength is weak (lifting shoulders to head)
I have good fitness (first time on a treadmill, how do people stand it…though I was incredibly unsuited to the set up of the old one they had…ratings were good/satisfactory/poor)
hearing: a little anomaly at a higher frequency, though I think I heard more than I pressed the button, just coudn’t tell if I was imagining it and didn’t want to appear crazy.
Eyesight: 20/20, I must have stuffed up one of the letters in one of my eyes so not quite 20/15

Month in review:
165km in 17hrs16mins, second biggest month and starting to build some consistency after that mid year slump.
Year to Date:
1177km in 128hr07mins.

More statistics and possibly graphs later from Sportstracks.

Edit (much later):

This month
(last month)
Num of Activities 17 (16)
Ave Distance 9.72km (9.83km)
Ave Time 1:00:56 (1:01:58)
Pace 6:16 (6:18)

And the all important:



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8 responses to “Let’s get physical….physical

  1. teacherwoman

    Thanks…now I have that song in my head!

  2. Spark Driver

    That is a great monthly total. Im a little embarressed to put mine up now.

    Isn’t it funny how places we go are assesed on there runability (thats not a word??).

  3. Lulu

    Good luck with the house buying. We considered moving a few times but always rejected the idea due to access to favourite running spots.

    Great work on the monthly mileage..keep it up!

  4. 2P

    Environmental factors such as access to good running spots is often overlooked by real estate agents in plying their trade.

    Very important intelligence from the physical:

    – You will have to remember to always grab drinks from aid stations with your left hand
    – No running through low narrow slots
    – Wear light weight hats
    – You have learned that treadmills suck
    – As you age it will be beneficial to look for visual signals that emergency vehicles are approaching

    Very helpful.

    Congrats on the monthly total 😉

  5. R2B

    Hope the vendors are amenable to your offer!

    I am only now appreciating the runs nearer to my home as i can reach them on foot finally!!

    Cheeers R2B

  6. Sekhmet

    I have had those hearing tests a few times – the first occasion I was just randomly pressing the button everytime I heard ANYTHING, including trucks driving past. The second time I realised that there was a light that came on everytime the noises were made and another light when I pressed the button in response – so I just pressed it when the light came on. Yes, I know, cheated on my hearing test but really – those things are so damn quiet how are you meant to hear anything???

  7. Rachel

    Those hearing test are really a psych out test. Did you hear, yes I did, too late, i’ll push the button anyway, i pushed it last time, better not push it this time, even things up, am i cheating, what if i’m not pushing it enough! We have our yearly test in a tiny little moving van with a very weird looking weedy guy. I’m sure he’s a very nice person, but it really does FREAK ME OUT!

  8. plu

    Great news with the house. I hope it goes well for you. You have to consider the effects of location on running. I nearly always have ended up with hills but that also means bus h in my case.

    alse well done on the km this month. cheers Plu

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