Corporate Cup – Run 7

Run 1 – 24mins36sec – 5:41 pace
Run 2 – 24mins30sec – 5:40 pace
Run 3 – 23mins01sec – 5:19 pace
Run 4 – DNS
Run 5 – 25mins34sec – 5:52 pace
Run 6 – 22mins30sec – 5:10 pace
Run 7 – 22mins29sec – 5:10 pace

Didn’t have the ideal preperation leading up to this run, nutrition etc, consequently I was incredibly flat over the last kilometer falling away to only improve by a solitary second. I think I struggled with the mental barrier of pushing myself when I felt tired going around on the second lap. I finished the first lap in 11min10sec then dropped 19seconds on the second lap, mostly in the final kilometer.

Other news: It’s official, I am a home owner…well if someone decides that they will lend me a rather large sum of money anyway…all ready planning some new runs, but settlement is a month and a half away.

Let Movember begin.



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7 responses to “Corporate Cup – Run 7

  1. RunDave

    That’s still an improvement. Congrats on the house. I was contemplating doing Movember. I think I might be a late starter and shave the beard off tonight.

  2. Isabelle

    A PB is always good 🙂 Congrats on the house

  3. 2P

    Wooohooo when is the house warming?

    Hey a PB is a PB is a PB – nice work 🙂

  4. ewen

    A second can mean a lot. Ask the 10k runner who has a PB of 30:03.

    Some good ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos coming up?

  5. Spark Driver

    Well done on the house. Fun times ahead. Are you registered for Movember? Let us know your rego and I will chuck a couple dollars your way.


    turn my back for a couple of days and you get a permanent job, buy a house and start growing a mo!!
    How wonderful!!! (except the mo for Mrs S)
    Well done on the pB too

  7. R2B

    Well done on the improvements over the 7 races.
    Also a big congratulations on joining the ranks of homeowners!

    Cheers R2B

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