Let the excuses begin

Didn’t get up on the alarm this morning, the legs, especially knees were still complaing after two hard days over shorter distances (tue and wed). But to the excuses, now that I am planning to have a mortgage I have decided to opt out of Sundays Black Hill Challange, maybe I will leave that one for next year. Instead I will know doubt head out on my own, solo, free run, because today I am feeling a bit flat and won’t make it out.
Couldn’t even get up the energy to jump on the stationary bike now either, instead I am reading blogs/posts etc being lazy in front of the computer…maybe I will feel different tomorrow?



Filed under Non-Running

2 responses to “Let the excuses begin

  1. Sekhmet

    Hmmm, lazy in front of the compooter is not good…..you can lose whole days there if you are not careful!

  2. Spark Driver

    Come on now. We all know by now that missing one or two days running is not the end of the world.

    You will be right.

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