Damn T Zone

Reluctantly rolled out of bed this morning for a lap of the Cemetery hoping my legs weren’t too sore. The legs felt quite loose and relaxed as I started out on a surprisingly chilly morning. Then I got to the first hill. I could feel the tiredness in my legs as I started up the first incline. Luckily the tiredness I felt in my legs didn’t phase me as the only thing I could think of the entire time was “am I pulling in my T zone?” “Is my T zone OK?”. Damn pilates, now all I can think about is my damn T zone.
Garmy died trying to display my 4k split, so I had to guess my pace over the last 2 k, 6k in 36min50sec.

Edit: I found this definition: “t-zone” (pilates geek for inner abdominals = tummy muscles)
The t-zone is basicaly a line from hip bone to hip bone bisected by a line from your pelvic bone. I am not sure if the above definition is correct, I thought it was more the pelvic floor muscles etc. (those used when you need to go to the bathroom but are holding on)



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6 responses to “Damn T Zone

  1. Ellie80

    hehe – let me know how you go. i stopped using it because it seemed to coincide with pain in my tibialis posteriors. but that could have been the increase in mileage and nothing to do with the pilates!

  2. Lulu

    It’s a good DVD and is quite a tough workout. I’ve been doing pilates for years and still find that hard to get through. I don’t do the calf exercises at the end for the same reason as Ellie. Stick with it though and you’ll definitely see the benefits.

  3. teacherwoman

    T-Zone? What’s that?


    goodness gracious that DOES sound hard!
    Have you heard about finance yet? Stress and waiting could be sapping your motivation so good on you for getting out at all – go and change your mp3 batteries RIGHT NOW so you can boogie on down!

  5. 2P

    And I thought T-zone was what came after Lunch Zone….

  6. The Owl

    And I thought a T-zone was that annoying oily bit on your face where you get blackheads that they are alwasy refering to in adverts for teenage skincare products!

    Thanks for the reminder about holding in the core when running!

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