End of Movember

Well, a decline in blogging means a decline in running. Fate was against me all week. Monday was a planned rest day (check), Tuesday I couldn’t get up due to lack of sleep bought on by too much coke the night before, when I haven’t had coke in sooooo long. Damn cafeine and sugar kept me buzzing till the weeee hours of the morning. Wednesday morning, planned run, alarm went off at 6am, but made no sound, so when I woke up it was too late to go for a run. OK enough winging, what did I do about it!
Yesterday arvo after the morning debarkle I stepped out into the warm afternoon air and took the old canoes out for a lap of the cemetary, only 6k but at least it was something. This morning I got up and did the pilates DVD, well as much as I could anyway, damn thing is still hard but I can’t wait to see how it helps my running. At lunch time today I went out with a guy in my department for a 5k loop around Salisbury, it was only 33°C but I still look like I have stepped out of a shower now.
Tomorrow is the first day of the Adelaide Ashes test. yay. While today is the last day of MOVEMBER! I raised $95 for men’s health. Thanks to all those that contributed, 2P, Ewen, SparkDriver, Rachel49.
I will sign off now, I am not sure if this post makes much sense so I might edit it later, when I have cooled down a bit.



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5 responses to “End of Movember

  1. 2P

    Good to see you running again – keep it going.

    Oh yeah and have a shave 😉

  2. Sekhmet

    Ah, that Mo is awesome 🙂

    It’s funny how the blogging always drops off when the running does, you can always tell who has been slack on their training by the lack of blogging. I’m exactly the same lol

    Enjoy the cricket, I’m sure you’ll have a blast

  3. Ewen

    I’d love to be down there watching the Ashes – even in 33 degree heat 🙂

    2P is right – it’s time to GO, MO.


    Everyone has ups and downs mate. You’re back into it now (hope you’re keeping hydrated)

    scaaaaaaaaaaary mo!! Well done with your fundraising 🙂

  5. Wardman

    Pity about the mo having to go Simon, I was certain you were in good shape for future criminal activities with such facial adornment:)
    Keep up the running, someone’s got to!! Stay cool

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