I can feel myself spreading…

First things first, sadly I missed the end of the test match. I was at an information session at Adelaide Uni that I had all ready committed too. They are starting a Pharmaceutical Engineering degree out of the Chemical Engineering department and I had attended as a graduate working in the field. My 3 phone couldn’t help me either as it appears that a lot of people were trying to watch it on their phones, so I had to resort to watching the score update on the scoreboard page on the phone. Bugger.

Next Second, on the title of my last entry “NB” a lecturer once relayed the story of a few international students who were taking his class. He is one of these lecturers who likes to tell you exactly what is on the exam, so he annotated all the stuff that was going to be in the exam with NB. The students thought it meant Note Briefly and as such when it came to study for the exam they ignored all the stuff he had said was going to be on the exam and failed…therefore the title of the last post was really a joke for me about being brief.

It has been a busy week, cricket and a training course. After tuesdays run my right knee felt a bit dicky. I tried a run on Thursday morning, made it to the end of the street then walked back home…total 100m and sour disappointment, so now it is Saturday, 41ºC outside and last night I went to Miss Simlin’s work x-mas show where I ate half a pig and the whole rear end of a cow. I am trying to decide on what type of preventative action I can take today to stop the festive season spreading which I feel coming on. I am feeling disillusion with my running, and whole fitness etc, I knew it was going to be tough, because I am busy, it is hot, and there is soooo much food and beer to tempt me.

This week is packing time before settlement of our first house on Friday, so next weekend will be flat out moving stuff and this weekend is packing and I have been drafted into a top notch, first rate, A-level bowls team…we will see how that goes tomorrow at the RSL.


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