Blowing out the cobwebs

It has been over a month (6th Novemeber) since I last ran double digits. In between I have been running varying loops of the cemetery (5-7km) with only one 9k run thrown in. This morning I decided to blow out a few cobwebs and take off the shackles, setting out for the velodrome. I decided on the shortest and flattest possible velodrome loop and eased into the run with a 7+min first kilometre. Understandably the last couple of kilometres were a bit weary on the legs, but I came through and finished with that peculiar feeling when I stopped of “I should be puffing, but I’m not…did I just run 11.2km?” Then I started walking and could feel the weariness in the legs…illusion shattered.
During todays run, my mind was ticking over with goals and plans for 2007. I will put down on paper in good time my intentions, but as for now…back to recovery.



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4 responses to “Blowing out the cobwebs

  1. Lulu

    Good to see you back out doing some longer runs. I’m sure you’ll recover pretty quickly from that one.

  2. 2P

    Gret stuff Simon – good to see you pull the 2nd digit out 😉

  3. Spark Driver

    Those cob web blowing runs feel great afterwards. Keep the momentuem going!

  4. Anonymous

    Looking forward to hearing about your 2007 goals. Keep the race times MO-ving down would be a good one.


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