2007 Goals

Number 1 Goal, and one which I have been working to since late last year (building a base)…Finish a marathon, yep all 42.2km.  This isn’t where I want this running road to lead, it is not the final destination, more like a stop along the way.  Last years big stop was a half marathon, I only did one, so will be also aiming for more of those this year.

Basically all my time goals from last year will cary over with the added goal of finishing a marathon:
5k – 25mins
10k – 55mins
21.1k – 2hr
42.2k – just finish

As far as races go, I want to finish all the races I raced last year with PBs, run all those I wanted to run last year but didn’t.  This includes a sub 60min city2bay.  Another goal is to get to Sydney for the SMH half.

On the personal front, by the time Marathon time comes around in August I want to be running at less than 110kg.  Time to bring back my old saying “Cut out the Crap”…potato chips and soft drink needs to be banned from the house, oh yeah and soft cheese…even though it is oh so tasty.  Of course it won’t be called my “Racing Weight”, it will be called my “Wedding Weight”.  Engagement party will be on the evening of the 14th of April 2007.

All up I am hoping for a consistent, injury free 2007, with build ups to two big runs, the first is a Half Marathon in May and the second, the Marathon in August.  This time I intend to stick to a training Schedule and will be posting it along with space to track my progress against it to keep me honest…looking at Hipman’s I might have to plagiarise it a little.



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8 responses to “2007 Goals

  1. Howdy! Oooh, likey the lookey of your new blog 😉

  2. Engagement part on the 14th April – cool most of us will be in Canberra for the marathon, we can all raise a glass or two of mineral water to you both

  3. OBugger – Engagement part was supposed to say PARTY – LOL

  4. Rachel

    Lovin’ the picture. Have to do that one sometime. Maybe it could be a goal for 2008 🙂

  5. I’d be up for it Rach, maybe do a long run across the pound too.

  6. runmumrun

    Love the new look blog. Congrats on your engagement, house and job. 2006 was a big year for you. Good luck with the Marathon will have to compare training logs as its Adelaide or Bust for me.

    Argue your limitations

  7. wardman

    remarkably similiar to where i am aiming re goals too as we are both in our 2nd year of semi serious running. good luck with them all and i hope an injury free Wardman will see you there

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