Tired, so tired.

I was all psyched for a long run, yesterday that is, but following a late night I woke up at 7am feeling flatter than Stanley.
In no mood to get up and go for a run, but not wanting to be disappointed later in the day, up I got and trundled out the door and down the Dry Creek North East Trail.  As usual, once out in the warm misty rain I felt fantastic.  I took the middle fork today at McIntyre Rd, which took me up past the water park.  Stepping the long runs up gently, as some Christmas Stuffing still needs to be worked off I turned around at 7k and headed for home.  Immediately my pace dropped to 6:30min/k from 7min/k as always happens on an out and back run once I turn around.  After getting home I realised, thanks to sportstracks that out was uphill (80m ascent)? didn’t really notice mentally.  The last three k’s, even though I was starting to lose skin on some toes my legs slipped into a rut, and by rut I mean rhythm, they just kept churning over effortlessly leaving the mind to wonder non-running related matters.

Now for the important stuff.  Just voted in the Triple J Hottest 100 for this year, ready for the culmination of an annual Australia Day Party.  I was a bit tired and over it by the end this year so I went with a few songs from the same bands.  Here was my top 10:

Arctic Monkeys – Dancing Shoes
Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
Augie March – One Crowded Hour
Freestylers/Pendulum – Painkiller
Killers – Bones
Killers – Sam’s Town
Kooks – Sofa Song
Living End – Long Live The Weekend
Living End – Wake Up
Saboteurs – Steady As She Goes



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3 responses to “Tired, so tired.

  1. Looks great. Did you have to put Word Press on your own system?

    Have a great year.


  2. I may have to listen to some more Triple J. I have never heard of those songs or artists?!?

  3. wardman

    Hmmmm, not sure about the new location/look?
    Love the photo but the functionality…………
    Hope it’s better from your end.
    Posted a comment re ur 07 goals, we might bump into each other if I get the all clear to start running again.
    good luck!

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