Decided to run in the opposite direction this morning so that it was a relatively flat run, also only did 6k instead of the usual mid-week longer run.  I am increases my number of runs back to four this week and don’t want to increase my total mileage by too much (10%) rule and all, plus I may be going for a run at lunchtime.

But anyway, Dry Creek East this morning was over crowded with frumpy older woman, no smile, no nod, no good morning…when I finally got a “good morning” it was such a shock that I almost jumped off the path.  They are a much friendly bunch out Dry Creek West.



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2 responses to “Frumps

  1. You will soon win them over with your delightful personality 🙂

  2. Stick to Dry Creek West!

    There’s lots of info about XTHML at

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