Time to Retire…

…From Bowls that is.  Last night was my second social Thursday night bowls.  How could I top last weeks win…well it started out with the free beer at the bar I won last week and moved into a whole new level of bowls. After another good random team draw, my newly created team romped it in 19-6.  Took the Future Mrs Simlin along too and she had a great game with her random team winning 20-9, but unfortunately with a difference of 13, my team took out the beers again…time to retire with that record I think.  It goes without saying that the FMS had to drive me home.

Now we get to this morning…my legs were tired and probably suffering from alcohol-induced dehydration but I stumbled out the door for 6k along the frumpless Dry Creek West…I even got passed by another runner “walking” his dog.  Now that I keep seeing the same crowd out walking in the morning I will have to start learning their names because “Morning” just isn’t working for me anymore.


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  1. 2P

    Sounds like a Crackerjack session 😉

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