New Canoes and Belt

No running Saturday, just picked up a new pair of Canoes. They are in last season’s colours, which is good because blue is Big Canoesmy favourite colour and they were at a bargain price. While Jogger’s World picking up the Beasts I also spent some Chrissy money on a 4 bottle fuelbelt. In the afternoon we trundled off to Adelaide German communities Schutzenfest. Many German Ales and Ciders were consumed as well as a few bad Kranskys. While tFuelbelthe Frauleins got a taxi back to a friends house the boys decided to walk, well we ran some of it…who was that idiot running down Port Rd with a stein in each hand?…oh yeah that was me. Unfortunately a friend succumb to a bad kransky and we walked the last half.

This morning I got up a little late. headed out with my new fuelbelt a little after 9am. I wasn’t planning on needing it but just wanted to test it out on a shorter run to make sure there are no major nuisances to bother me on the longer ones. It was good, though did poke me a bit in my spare tyre at the front. I just ran 5k out and back for 10k in a little over an hour. I will have to take my new Canoes out for a spin on Tuesday.



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5 responses to “New Canoes and Belt

  1. Aaaah, new wheels….I’m in heaven 😆

  2. If the bottles taste like plastic, sterilise them with baby bottle cleaning tablets and fill with a solution of sports drink.

    The bottles (esp the back ones) sometimes try to escape. Mustn’t like running!

  3. Kranksy and steins does that make yoy Krankenstien. Bad, Bad joke great effort on the Port Rd run. Cool new wheels, cant wait to hear about the fuel belt on a long run. Next purchase when $$$ permit

  4. Won’t take long to lose the spare tyre then you will be set.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. A very flash set of wheels there – now Sekhmet will want another new pair LOL

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