No Frumps, but little canoes

Tried Dry Creek East again this morning and didn’t run into any frumps, barely ran past anyone actually.  I saw lots of people, just none on my side of the creek.  The new canoes seem snugger than the old canoes…and seeing as the label on the old one has faded I have no way of seeing what size they are, but on comparison of the soles it appears they are size 12 and my new ones are size 11 1/2, this doesn’t bode well for my poor toes which seemed a little cramped this morning.  Suppose it is a little late to swap them back at the shop, so I think I will persist with them on shorter runs for the time being and see if they mold to my foot better.



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4 responses to “No Frumps, but little canoes

  1. That is no good about your canoes- maybe removing the inner sole thing they put in and replacing with a smaller one?? Thinner socks??

  2. 2P

    Maybe they will stretch in a bit.

    Good use of the Chrissy money too 😉

  3. could you ask at the shop?
    Love the new blog BTW -a nd thanks for the comment on mine 🙂

  4. I cut the toes out of my training shoes – feels good and stops the black toe-nail thing.

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