1 from 3 ain’t bad?

I had a bowl of ice-cream after dinner last night…mmmm…with chocolate topping.  Didn’t go to bed until 10:30pm either…BAD SIMLIN!

On the brighter side I did manage to stumble out of bed at 5:30am and head off down an eerily pre-dawn lit trail.  I did my 10k velodrome loop.  I still haven’t got into a groove on this loop yet and find it quite difficult to just run it at an easy pace, all the way.  Today started out well but by the time I was running up the hill behind the velodrome I was wishing I could stop and go back to bed.  Yet by the time I got back to the trail I started to up the ante and pushed about 30sec/km harder over the last 3km.  After cutting a few corners this time I only ended up travelling 9.8km, which is a lot more than if I has stayed in bed.



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4 responses to “1 from 3 ain’t bad?

  1. You did better than I did – I was till snoring my head off at 5.30 this morning, despite saying I would be out of the door and running by then LOL

  2. Sounds like the ice cream and late night worked quite well!

  3. Lulu

    It’s hard getting to bed at a decent hour and even harder to stay off the ice-cream;)

  4. Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Which 1 out of 3 are you. Well done on the early morning run, I am trying to get to bed early but life just keeps getting in the way.

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