horrible, horrible, horrible run.


Worst run ever…well at least for a while. You would have thought that it was perfect running weather, 25°C overcast, but I someone forgot to mention that it was 98% Relative Humidity…BLAH! Never the less I set out on a long run at 7am aiming for 2hours, well turn around at 1hr. The first our was good, I had to slow myself down a bit a few times but otherwise when I stopped for a pit stop and a little water from my fuelbelt (I only took 2 of the 4 bottles) at the 1hr mark I had traveled almost 9k so I had kept the pace down quite well. On the way back I just struggled to maintain temperature control, my cooling system was about as affective as an evaporative cooler in tropical weather. Half my brain was saying “stop it is ok to walk, stop it is ok to walk, stop it is ok to walk”, while the other side was saying “don’t be a pussy, keep going, don’t be a pussy, keep going”. Eventually I stopped and walked a bit and even that didn’t cool me down. It is funny how depressing it is when you can’t finish a long run, it is the first time in probably 6 months that I have stopped and walked for an extended period of time for something other than a steep hill. I probably ran 2.5k out of the last 4k and finished my long “run” of 17.3k in a little over 2hours. I probably will go for a short jaunt tomorrow, depending on how I feel before meeting up with BlkBox for a run on Monday morning around the Torren’s.



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5 responses to “horrible, horrible, horrible run.

  1. Rachel

    You musn’t have read my post 2 weeks ago where I had the same experience! You should learn from other’s mistakes 😉

  2. Don’t stress about it, we all have crappy long runs (I’m thinking back to the first run we did at LCD when it was hot and we went out at 11am – dur). That means you’ll have only good ones for a while now 😉

    Besides, even a crap run is better than no run at all

  3. Get BB talking so he has to slow down.

  4. 2P

    Mate these are the ones that make you a tougher runner.

    Well done.

    PS walking doesn’t make it wimpy – it means you finished!

  5. 2P

    The pic of the not so dry creek seems to have bumped your comments hyperlink.

    It’s always good to know the leggies can still turn out some pace.

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