Rare One

A rare afternoon run today. (I know, I know, I went for an afternoon run on Sunday…two, who would have thought), I don’t really like running in the afternoon, I all ready feel drained and the sun can be a little harsh. Regardless I was too tired for a morning run and don’t want to lose the training momentum I have built up so set out to run the 6k of Dry Creek West. As I thought, the pace from Monday was still programmed into the legs and no matter how much I told myself I was taking it easy the legs had other ideas and had me going at sub 6:30min/km. Not fast I know, but getting closer to my best training pace.

While out on today’s run and thinking about that stupid 8min/12min study that has been beaten up in the media lately, I thought “I haven’t done any cross training lately…it’s true, the bike has stayed rather stationary for a stationary bike and the pilates DVD is gathering dust…Why? I think it is a combination of work overload and still trying to settle into a stable training regime at the new location…I will start soon…might give that ridiculous 8min/12min thing a spin on the bike.



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3 responses to “Rare One

  1. 2P

    Confessions of an afternoon runner…

    Good on you for keeping the momentum up mate.

  2. Nice new blog Simon. That ‘first date’ post really had me laughing – gotta watch that Blkbox!

    Agree with your sentiments about the internet being great for bringing us all together. In 2004 I met an “on-line running buddy” from an English forum for the first time, when she was visiting NZ. She has since been back for a 2nd visit (bringing her fiance) and we are very close friends now.

    Cheers, MAR.

  3. Yeah, give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose… except maybe 8/12 kgs or so.

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