Where did January go?

Christmas feels like an eternity ago, and yet January is a haze.  Have we even had January yet?  After Saturdays, Sunday was a sleep in and then Bowls, so no run…was going to get up Monday morning for a 10k’er but when I woke up at 5:20am I couldn’t move my legs because they were really stiff and sore…tip it might be a good idea to stretch before all forms of exercise…no run…Tuesday morning I tried again for a 10k’er, but alas I did not wake up this morning and my alarm was apparently set for 5:30pm…no run.  Well, when I got the chance to get off work early, because I am back there now, I went straight home and headed out into the afternoon sun…legs were still a little bit stiff and sore so I just ran Dry Creek West and back along the same route to keep to the shade and relatively level trail.

I wonder if I will be out and running at 5:20am tomorrow morning?



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2 responses to “Where did January go?

  1. plu

    Glad to see the running is going well. Yep the months fly by.


  2. I keep reminding myself of the pre and post run stretches. Still havent got it set as my regular routine.

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