Travelled 15km today…I say travelled because I walked pretty much the last 3.5km out of self preservation.  I didn’t take any hydration and it is going to be a 40°C day today.  No point in running myself into the ground, so I ended up going around the 15k at an average pace of 7min/km.  Oh, I long for the day when I am complaining that it is freezing in the morning rather than too hot.

A bit excited now, as I received confirmation that my new laptop is arriving on Monday.  Hopefully now I can get rid of this chunky desktop computer.



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7 responses to “humph.

  1. Gotta love a nice new laptop!! Chuck the desktop! 🙂

  2. I know the 7:00/km pace very well. It’s OK, except it gives me time to start thinking ‘why is it taking me so long to get where I’m going’.

  3. 2P

    Hey 15k is 15k – LSD runs are meant to be slow – well done mate.

  4. Long slow runs are my friend- you can keep your sprints or “tempo” and learn to embrace the slowness.

  5. Then come winter I’m sure we will all be complaining about how wet/cold/dark/foggy it is.

  6. just laughing at your bowls post – free beer is such a trap!
    You are a duffer not taking any hydration.
    BTW stop calling yourself slow – 7min/ km (and rising) is my NORMAL pace.
    have a great day

  7. Sekhmet

    I have been all too familiar with that pace for a long time now. I’m hoping that with winter will come an increase in speed, the heat saps your energy and makes everything feel like too much of an effort – partly why I have ditched my marathon plan – who the hell wants to do a 3.5hr training run in this heat???

    Stick with it mate – cooler days are coming. For now just run for enjoyment and don’t fret about pushing it hard

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