Playing catch up

WordPress have caught up with Blogger/Google.  It didn’t take them that long really…long story short, I imported my new blogger Big Expectations blog from last year into this blog, so I won’t lose all my old entries…might make some interesting reading ie talking about leaving blogger and starting a new blog etc…but I like it this way, one blog…all my running history.

Now onto The Biggest Loser, can’t believe that girl quit…after so little time…it means someone missed out on the opportunity to get that experience.  It was obvious from the first training session when Jillian broke that big guy that it scared her a little too much and that fear overpowered any will she had to participate in the show…she sore how much she hurt him and didn’t think she could take it…if only she saw the positives that came out of that experience.  Anyhoo.

Onto today’s run.  Was going to go for a run this morning, but had to play watch dog, so ran around getting stuff ready in order to run home from work today.  Well fair enough run home from work…but now I have to run to work tomorrow.  Started off the run home bounding…it was a nice sunny but not too hot afternoon and with the tunes pumping again the ks were flying by, but everything caught up with me after the ever present slow uphill ascent.  In the end it was a slow slog in the third quarter but I lived to eat a nice turkey Schnitzel for dinner.  MMmm.  Now to run to work tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Playing catch up

  1. 2P

    Yeah – some people lack such insight into their own abilities – I mean what did she think it was going to be like? You get the same thing in 6ft…..

    I’m a fan of the run home then run to work the next day…. good stuff mate.

  2. I can’t beleive they say things like “It’s not what I was expecting…..” Have they even watched the show before? It’s like “Dude!!! What did you think was going to happen! Of course you are going to get worked til your sick – that’s all you have to do all day – they’re not going to do it for you!”

    Some people think that having a PT means they won’t have to put the hard work in – big mistake!!!

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