Return Journey

Off I went this morning on the return journey to work…supposed to be mostly down hill compared to going the other-way yet I arrived in pretty much the same time 7.8k in 46mins (a sub6min/k pace…oops grey zone run).  Seeing my car all ready in the car park reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where George leaves his car at work so that the boss thinks he is working really hard, last to leave, first to arrive.  Pity my boss is away at the moment.

This run home from work, run to work is my favourite configuration for the work run…I can bring in all my stuff for the next day on the day I am running home, and then run home, recoup, have a good sleep and run to work in the morning without having to carry anything.  Much better than running to work, probably carrying everything because I am too lazy to organise it the day before and then either having to wear myself out running home again in stinky clothes or bum a ride home.  So you see my friends, running home from work and then to work the next morning is definitely the best solution.



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4 responses to “Return Journey

  1. 2P

    It’s the only way to do it IMHO. Apart from anything else I have to wear a shirt and tie and there aint no way that is traveling in the camelbak pack 😉

    It is also kind of commiting in that you have to run the next day to get your car back!

  2. Doh! Why didn’t I think of that? It makes perfect sense!

  3. Grey days happen 🙂

    Is that the same episode he parked in the disabled spot? Or lost the car?

    You could take enough clothes for a week on Monday, then run too and from the rest of the week 😉

  4. Impressing the Boss with your company loyality would be an added bonus.

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