There and back again…again.

A bit weary this morning after a little too much wine last night but having made a commitment to run into work I suppose I better get up and do the damn thing,  Beautiful morning for it though 19deg overcast and a cool breeze.  It was a slow plod though, over 7min/k pace, 15min of work and then back home again.

Still not used to WordPress, I keep publishing posts as pages.  I have done it a few times and it has been a bit annoying, not WordPress’ fault but just stupid me.

Edit: Damn I did it for this post too even after carefully checking…what an idiot.



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3 responses to “There and back again…again.

  1. That’s why I stick to ‘bloody blogger’ – I’m a slow learner.

    All this ‘there and back’ etc is interesting. Keep it going – I want to find out what happens.

  2. Ha! You make me laugh! Nice job on the run today though!

  3. What a great idea on the there and back. Will file that and use it later.

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