Trouble Shooting “Get out of Jail free” card.

I’ve been a bit lazy of late, no running Monday or Tuesday and yesterday I ran at work with a colleague, 5k at lunch time.  I kept up a steady pace, building a little bit at the end to finish in an average pace of 5:50.  So that was good  The legs remembered how to tick over.

Then I am still having issues with downloading Garmy into Sporttracks.  Training Centre works no problems, but ST…AAAAaaarrrgggghhhhh…so frustrating.  After half an hour of trying to download the data I was about to give up when I was in CR chat and CR Vurt suggested a restart…well der, why hadn’t I tried that yet? It is the universal “get out of jail free” card for all technical support.  When ever there is an electrical/computer problem…”have you tried turning the power off, then back on again?”.  Well it worked.  ST downloaded the data first time after the restart…yay! well so I thought.

This morning I got up for an early morning 9k.  Boy it is getting darker and darker, quickly in the morning and I realised that come winter, running the trails at before 6am might not be very practical…unless of course I buy a head torch?  But anyway, run went fine, though my legs were feeling a bit heavy covering the hills over the last couple of k’s.  Get home, boot up the laptop and try and download the data…nope, I don’t think so…ok, I know what to do…try a restart…nope, I don’t think so…AAAAaaaarrrrggghhhh!

Theories, their seems to be a similar error type thread on the ST website, something to do with the com port numbers switching around or something…I don’t know why it affects ST and not TC…another option might be to get a serial to USB dongle…I wonder if this would help…might have to scope out Dickies or somewhere for one…because incase you couldn’t tell IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!



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4 responses to “Trouble Shooting “Get out of Jail free” card.

  1. I think the ST software itself is a bit dodgy. I have a problem with it sometimes displaying Google Earth maps and sometimes not. It also mixes up the dates of some runs. Have you tried uninstalling and loading a fresh version?

  2. I can just imagine how frustrating that would be. I’ve had a little trouble with Motionbased in the past but ST has been hassle free.

  3. 2P

    At least you have a Garmin that works……

    Good to see you running mate.

  4. Sekhmet

    I have problems with ST sometimes, it’ll start to download then give me an error message or sometimes it won’t even start and tries to tell me that my Garmin is not a recognised format!!!!!

    I think there might be a problem with your feed in Bloglines as I haven’t had an updated one in ages – I came here to check on you as I was worried you hadn’t blogged in a long time! No for some catch up reading……

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