Ask Peter.

I had a lot of fun at work with this today.  I bet my manager was wishing he had read that blog.  On the running front, I went out on our pseudo-weekly Wednesday 5k trot.  We do it semi-regularly, no matter how hot it is, and today we did the 5.3km in 31min30sec, it’s still good fun to get out and about with other people.

Speaking of getting out and about with other people, Saturday’s Kokoda training walk is taking shape, the plan at the moment is to do Morialta to Mt Lofty (refer back here for details) and the group is swelling, maybe up to five people this time.

 February was a pretty good month training wise and I believe I have built a better base then last year.

Feb 148.6km, (2006: 84.4km)

Jan 148.7km, (2006: 16km)

YTD`297.2km, (2006: 100.4km)



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20 responses to “Ask Peter.

  1. I dont get the Peter thing. He doesn’t feel like answering my questions.

    Great start to the year with those km’s.

  2. 2P

    Only 100m difference in Feb to Jan – very consistant mate.

  3. Nice increase over last year Simon.

    Peter couldn’t tell me how to train for Six Foot on runs no longer than 10k. Mustn’t be a runner!

  4. does trevor or tyler like me?

  5. does stockton like me

  6. caitlin


  7. caitlin

    i hate it

  8. Peter please answer: who does Brian Howard like?

  9. fadi

    hi peter…

    i want to ask quesion
    i want to give me where u from samia mahmod mohammed abu zaid .

    ThAnK YoU

  10. who does kasey kelly like

  11. Kat

    Who Is In the Room wit hme

  12. sana sagutin mo ng maayos kung ano ang itatanung ko sau.

  13. how can we type a question

  14. peter please answer this question!!
    is kerr likes me or noy?

  15. How do you get the code, nobody will tell me.

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