I got up at 5:30am this morning to head out for a run, I almost snuck out the door before Bella woke up and needed to go outside for what we call WeeWee.  Luckily she went back into her crate and to sleep, so I could sneak out for a run and still keep the Mrs happy.  I have taken over night time toileting duties as Miss Simlin is not a fan of getting up and going outside during the night, plus she came down with a slight cold.  Bella is making progress with the toileting, though we were a bit slack last evening in our duties at taking her out to go WeeWee at regular intervals and she made us pay.  Fortunately though she has only needed to get up once during the night the last couple of nights so things are improving.  I can definitely see why it is wise to go from having a plant together, to having a puppy, to then having a baby, because if you can’t handle either of the first two, their is no way you could handle the demanding nature of a new born baby.  I suppose the upside to a new born baby is that it doesn’t run around and try and bite everything it can find, including your toes.

Back to this mornings run, it was way too dark to head to the trails, so I headed in the opposite direction and stuck to main roads, covering Grand Junction, North East, Macintyre, Montague and Walkley’s roads.  I felt good the entire way except when my thoughts wandered to the meal I had two Sunday nights ago, preceding “that” run, and I had to gasp to prevent an unpleasant reflex in my throat.  All up 9.2km in a couple of seconds over an hour…more exciting news later today…



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4 responses to “Darkness

  1. 2P

    Oh boy exciting news???

    Wait till your first born starts teething….

    Nice run mate 😉

  2. My kids have made it to 6 and 19 months old in good health, which is more than most plants under my care. Then again, plants don’t cry when you don’t feed them or change their soil 😉

  3. plu

    9km runs per hour are good training paces for your planned marathon time at the end of the year. Are you feeling comnfortable at that pace over that distance?

    cheers Plu

  4. no good with plants and apparently it is bad form to leave the children outside overnight. Who would have thought. POD & MOE have made it to 8 years and 2 so doing okay.

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