Wahoo! SMH half here we come!

edit: I did it again *red faced* this post has been sitting in the page section all day.

Just got offline from entering the half marathon, definitely set in stone now :O).

Time for some serious training.  Yesterday I managed to convince what ever was trying to attack my sinuses that I wasn’t in the mood for any funny business and backed that up with an extended route home from work for 10.3km in 1hr5mins…I love cooler weather.  I was actually cold last night pottering around in my (short) tights and t-shirt tidying up the garage, hand watering the attempted lawn and bringing in the washing.

This morning I was raring to go at 6am, but spent some time playing with Bella and giving her breakfast before I snuck out to run to work.  I wore my new (short) tights that I bought on impulse from K-mart on Sunday…it was the first time I had seen them there and they were only $29.95…Torpedo’s or something (probably going for name’ish recognition to thorpedo…like Fugita or Palsonic).  This pair seem better than my other Performax ones as they have breathable mesh areas in some particularly sweaty regions…and they felt good this morning.  I ran back to work this morning on the shortest route, 7.7km in 48mins…

I am a little excited about the trip to Sydney now, it will be Miss Simlin’s first flight on a large commercial air-liner and I have all ready planned a number of activities in Sydney, Taronga zoo (haven’t been there for 17years…ooh it is scary to say so many years), Darling Harbour Aquarium (haven’t been there in 4 years), and she is a fan of Bondi rescue so I suppose we will have to go there to…shopping at Warringah Mall and in the City…I will definitely have to investigate where the best running shops are so I can go for a visit ;OP…”oh look, here is a running shop…how ’bout we just pop in for a minute”.



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3 responses to “Wahoo! SMH half here we come!

  1. 2P

    You will have a ball at SMH – it and Six Foot are probably the two biggest CR social calls of the year.

  2. Sounds like an awesome adventure. I think going interstate for a run is a secret goal of mine.

  3. Sekhmet

    Looks like we’ll be seeing you there! Woohoo 🙂

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