Stepping it up by stepping it out.

After taking a rest day yesterday I was tossing up whether to run home from work today (and thus have a sleep in) or get up before 5:30am to run from home.  I chose to get up early as tonight we are going to buy my birthday present…a 6 burner BBQ…woosh go the flames…

So at 5:25am I got up and took Bella from her crate outside to do what we call WeeWee and then put her back in her crate again in the bedroom to sleep some more while I went out for a run…I wore my new tights again and they felt good still, though a little loose around the lower thighs?  Anyway I was up and dressed, my right hammy did feel a little tight but once I was off and into a rhythm everything felt good.  I have started running a new route (as of last friday) as the lack of visibility along Dry Creek in the wee hours of the morning is an injury waiting to happen.

Most of this mornings run was spent thinking about the $72 I had just spent entering the SMH half and how I can’t waste that money by being under prepared and thus decided on increasing my training from 4 to 5 days a week with rest days targeted for Wednesday and the weekend.  I will lay-off the speed sessions until my body gets used to the increase in training days.

At this early stage I am targeting an 11 minute PB for a sub 2hr run, but realise the course looks a lot tougher than my first HM, but I am hoping that a loss of at least 5kg and another year of solid training under the belt will push me over the edge into sub 2hr territory…of course this would be good prep for my 4:30 marathon goal later in the year 🙂

So this morning was 9.2k in a tick under the hour. 



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4 responses to “Stepping it up by stepping it out.

  1. plu

    Very good idea to lay off the speed. at this stage and probably for this run you don’t need it untill you ahve got to the point or aerobic fitness where you times just don’t come down any more.

    cheers PLu

  2. 2P

    Mate that is $3.41 per km – good thing you plan to get your monies worth.

  3. I have a 4 burner with a “yet to be used” wok burner. Hope you have fun with the new prezzie.

  4. thanks for dropping by my blog! Good on you re the SMH – good luck with the training.

    Bella is just beautiful by the way!

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