Return of the Sensible

Long run this morning, and I thought I would start scoping out this fabled run to crafers I keep talking up.  Today I ran the first section, my house to Amber’s Gully, where the Torrens River Linear Park meets the start of the Yurrabilla trail.  I had calculated the distance at 10k and Garmy wasn’t far off.  A 5:30am start with hot weather forecast and a fully laden fuel belt meant the return of Simlin, the sensible runner…next off I headed down to the Torrens and ran all the way to Ambers Gully with 7:xx km splits.  I even threw in a 1min walk break at 5k to take a drink, simulating walking through a drink station.

It was a glorious morning to be out, even though I wasn’t terribly enthused when I got out of bed early.  When I got to the Yurrabilla trail head at Ambers Gully I took another short break for re-hydration and to peruse the information signage.  Next week, I will have to do, Amber’s Gully to Morialta (Over Black Hill).  Made my way back home still feeling strong…and it showed….my splits home were all 6:xx per km and I powered up all the little inclines.
home to Ambers gully and return splits

On the BBQ, they were out of the one I wanted, but I got a raincheck (even though their catalogue said Sorry No Rainchecks…), hopefully more stock comes in today.

Back to the run…21k in 2hr28mins, with an average pace of smack on 7min/k.



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2 responses to “Return of the Sensible

  1. That is a great sensible run- good work. When will we see the return of wild and reckless Simlin?

  2. Fantastic! You’re a shoe-in for a 6′ finisher’s medal Simon. Twice as far as Plu’s longest run!

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