I have succumb.  Wednesday afternoon after a scrumptious buffet lunch at the The Grand, I was trying to stay awake in a seminar and my throat felt like it was being shredded from the inside.  The biggest disappointment at that stage was that I couldn’t enjoy the free beer following that day of seminars, and that I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the buffet the next day.  Now I am into the third day of said cold, it has moved from the throat to the nose and I can feel it starting to take hold in the chest…I am still fighting it hard and hope to be rid of it by the end of the weekend…I hate not being able to train.

Today of all days I was planning to run to work and home on the same day…my Birthday…I’ve reached a quarter of a century and I can’t run to work and back…how depressing…I was looking forward to the run.  Dinner and show tonight with friends, my 25k trail run booked in for tomorrow is not looking likely either.  Oh, well. Doubly good excuse to be waited on hand and foot.

More later, back to wrestling and expelling these germs…they might have won this battle but I will win the war.



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7 responses to “Disgusting

  1. Happy Birthday! A cold is not the sort of present you wanted I’m sure. Hope it doesn’t take you out for too long.

  2. Rachel

    Happy birthday little bro!
    Hope that cold goes away before I see you!

  3. 2P

    Get well soon mate and Happy Birthday 😉

  4. Happy birthday – hope you’re feeling better soon. The return run to/from work will always be there another day.

  5. Happy birthday 🙂
    I didn’t realise you were such a young’un!

  6. Happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you’re back on the trails before long. The biting Bella sounds scarier than the cold.

  7. Belated Birthday salutations 🙂 hope the nasty cold critter has moved on. 🙂

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