No excuses training run

Despite quite a few tiny clusters of coughing fits while out running this morning I did manage 9.2k at a little after 5:30am.  Rachel was down for a night and after a little grumbling also got up when I knocked on her door at 5:25am, now I had no excuses not to get out there and pound the pavement.  My breathing wasn’t as free as it could have been because the congestion got pushed back and up into the back of my sinuses, but we took it out easy and bought it home at a decent pace.

I haven’t been a very good boy in terms of food intake this last week I have not been running…so blow me down it looks like I have put back on a few kgs…bugger.  Ok, just decided right here and now…I will be under 110kg for my engagement party in 27 days…is that even possible…will I give in to temptations…well my Lent plan seemed to get forgotten a little too quickly.

By the way, I have updated the photo on the right…if you hadn’t noticed and put the photo in the last post, so there aren’t any misconceptions out there…now that I am 25…how old did you think I was (that’s right LBTEPA I am looking at you!)



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4 responses to “No excuses training run

  1. 2P

    So you’ve had a tough life then….


  2. good luck with the plan for the party! Sucks how easy it is to put on vs take off doesn’t it?!

  3. Wait ’til you see how he looks after running Six Foot 2P!

    The view from Mt Ainslie is similar.

  4. Hahahahaha
    touchy, aren’t you?
    I’m glad your cold is getting better and you’re back out on the road 🙂 – I’m allowed to run again tomorrow too, yay!

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