Quick 5k

Run at work today…the other guy must have taken some pep pills or caffeine or something because we took off at a cracking pace.  We did the 5.2k run at an average pace of 5.30min/k, not the speed I really wanted to do it at coming off a week off sick, but there was no holding him back.  After I had stretched and showered and got back to my desk I thought about how I was going to lose the extra kilos to get down to 110kg in 3weeks.  I have decided to record on a food page everything I eat, not calories, just what I eat, so there can be no secrets and I know exactly what I am putting into my gullet!

I also made the rash decision in the afternoon of running to work and back on the same day tomorrow! Should be interesting…stay tuned.



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4 responses to “Quick 5k

  1. 2P

    If I did that I would have to take a speed typing course to be able to get it all in….

    Look forward to reading the next blog about the double up work run.

  2. The food diary thing is about the only thing that works for me, trouble is that after a few days I can’t be bothered to write it all down and I fall off the wagon 😦

  3. Rachel

    I find writing down what I’m going to eat works better than what I did eat. That way you know before you do it when you are being NAUGHTY!

  4. Tracking your food definately helps – the idea of making it public has crossed my mind – then it’s out there for all to see and there’s no hiding that little teeny tiny mini easter egg (or 3) that I ate at lunch – and no excuses when I wonder – why won’t these kilos shift??? scary though!

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