Thursday (Part 2) more than I can chew.

Oh boy, how hot and humid it was this afternoon, I made it half way home and then gave into the walk…once you give into the walk, it is like breaking the seal.  So the next 5k was spent in walk, shuffle intervals.  Lucky I am not ashamed of the walking any more.  10.3k, at 7min/k.  so 18k today in total.



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4 responses to “Thursday (Part 2) more than I can chew.

  1. 2P

    Doing the walk is a great way to build up your long running ability Simon – it is all about time on feet – not speed.

    Great stuff mate.

  2. 18ks is a huge effort (in my books anyway!!) It’s hard in the heat – bring on winter!

  3. In my books a walk is often as good as a run. Going the distance and time on the feet when building mileage is what counts.

  4. The walk is OK. You’ll do heaps of that when you run 6′. Actually, fast walking is quicker than normal running on those hills.

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