I think my confidence has taken a huge blow from Thursday afternoon’s shemozzle and even though I talked up not caring about it, I have been reluctant to get out and do a run since.  So by Jingo’s I am going to try it again tomorrow…to work and back in one day.  Perhaps then with the last 4 days off running and after putting a bit more thought into pace and hydration on the day I will finish the run strongly.  Plus a run on Wednesday morning is out of the question because I just found out I have to be in a tele-conference with the States by 6:30am, which doesn’t leave much time for morning running.  Hopefully it will be over by 12pm so we can get out for the Wednesday lunchtime 5k jaunt.
PS I dealt with my feelings of inadequacies by munging out on too much chicken, chips, and apple crumble…

8 weeks before the SMH Half.



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4 responses to “Shemozzle

  1. Rachel

    Don’t worry about the run on Thursday. It was hot and you can never under estimate the effect this has on your body! If it had been 10-15 degrees cooler you would have been fine.

  2. I agree with Rachel. It’s one of those things and there’s no problem with walking anyway. Doing two sessions in a day is a big ask if you haven’t done it before too. It will probably seem easy tomorrow:)

    I’m coming down to Adelaide this week but I’m not sure I”ll have time for a run as I’m at a conference but didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you!!

  3. I noticed the chicken, chips & apple crumble!!! :)Good luck with tomorrow’s run – I’m sure you’ll have a good one and you’ll feel better about it all.

  4. That ‘8 weeks to go’ is really keeping me motivated.

    Go steady tomorrow and enjoy it 🙂

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