Not so recovery

Todays lunchtime 5k work run saw the numbers swell to a record 3 people.  I was looking for a relatively easy recovery run but the group headed out at sub 6min/k pace.  Managed to drag the pace to just over 6min.k to finish but the run felt comfortable enough without being horendously hard.

Now I have to watch what I say on my blog as someone at work has the blog address…can’t go into my usual rants about the slackers and morons I work with.

Other news, I forgot to mention yesterday that I weighed in (post arvo run) at 109.25kg!  I gave myself a pat on the back, had a cold shower and then drunk 2L of fluid.

Spark Driver, yes I finally got a picture I was half happy with to put as my profile piccy and yes I have always been told I look mischevious, like I am always up to something…truth be told…I normally am ;OP



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3 responses to “Not so recovery

  1. Why not? They must know they’re slackers.

    Well done on the 19.1k in a day – that’s a good way of getting the ks up for the half.

  2. Nice run home yesterday & congrats on the weigh in.

  3. Sonya

    Wow!! Look at you! Another great blog Simlin.

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