Let them eat cake.

Yesterday was the social lunch time 5k, lets call the other participants D and B.  D and I took it nice and easy after a faster first 2k while B ran off ahead, so I suppose you could call it an antisocial run?

Last night I baked a cake for the girl I share an office with.  It turned out larger than I expected and seeing I was planning to run into work today, logistics took a bit of organising.  This morning I put the cake back in the tin, covered it with a small chopping board and placed it in a plastic bag…then into the backpack…along with some supplies to make some icing.  Damn it felt heavy, and I kind of felt like the biggest losers climbing up that mountain in NZ, well to a small degree anyway.  Actually made it to work in 49mins and after showering set about icing the cake, If I do say so myself the finished product looks absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL.  I am glad I don’t have to carry it home as I am feeling a little niggle or twinge in the right leg, haven’t narrowed it down to anything yet but maybe running 5 times in 3 days isn’t the smartest idea…I will see how I feel this afternoon.

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6 responses to “Let them eat cake.

  1. I never thought that running with a cake in your backpack for 49 minutes was even possible!

  2. Me either SD, me either…has anyone esle attempted it…I should really post a photo of the cake…maybe latter today.

  3. I thought the story was going to end in tears – you know ‘I got to work and got the cake out and it was in 100 pieces’ ! Never mind the running, A guy doing baking is impressive! Hope the salt wasn’t for the cake 🙂

    I think your running to and from work is fantastic. I hope you can keep it up and the little niggle goes away!

  4. Liz

    A guy baking cakes? What’s your address, I’m heading right over!! It looks huge first of all, so I dont know how you managed to run with it! And secondly, OMG! It looks absolutely divine!! I’m very impressed!! Your co-worker must have been very appreciative. Why cant I work with people like you?
    Also, it will be funny if you have to go to the doctor and explain that a CAKE caused your injury!!

  5. ajh

    Hey I’m impressed, I’ve never baked a cake. I hope the girl was impressed too!

  6. Must have been moist – didn’t turn into crumbs! I guess if you get hungry half way to work you could tuck in.

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