Return of the Fat-Man

This mornings run to work was the hardest run in a long time.  Not because it was fast, or hilly, or hot, but because I feel depressed.  My mood is somewhat defeatist.  I have retired my food page, not because I wasn’t using it, but because it was pointless, I still ate like crap all weekend and now, not surprisingly I am down about it.  I thought this mornings run would help, you know those runs when you get up you feel like you couldn’t possibly do it, but then it is the best run ever?  But it didn’t get any better, it was a grind all the way. 

Now I just have to get back on the wagon and show some SELF CONTROL! yesterday afternoon I couldn’t stop grazing, you know just going and standing infront of the fridge or pantry, door open, gazing in, trying to find something to fill a void?  Blurgh! I can finally relate to TBL’s Munalita, who admitted that at the prospect of leaving the show, all she could think about was going and getting a pizza…at the moment I would have to say I fully understand.

OK, time to see what today brings.



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5 responses to “Return of the Fat-Man

  1. But you went out and you DID run. Your mindset is still in the right place. And you’re running home right?? Don’t berate yourself just yet – fall off the exercise AND food wagon and it’s another story. Everyone will give you a virtual kick up the rear!!!

  2. Hang in there! eyes on the prize and all that….the main thing is to view this as a temporary fall off the eating wagon and not a permanent ride on the scoff-fest train (can I mix any more metaphors LOL?)
    And what Celeste said.

  3. Liz

    Yes, dont feel down just because of a couple bad days. It happened to me on the weekend too and I was feeling crappy and depressed and then I read your comment on my blog and I was in hysterics and somebody walked in on me and couldnt understand what was so funny! So you cheered me up and now I am returning the favour! Put the past behind you – you cant change it. Get rid of any leftovers from your fridge and keep logging your food. At the end of the week you will be impressed at how well you ate and how much better you feel. That’s what I’m planning to do anyway!
    Liz 🙂

  4. I could have written that post … my weekend has been totally crap. Way too much chocolate (and other stuff) when I said I wasn’t going to have any. I wish I could cultivate whatever it is that motivates me to run and apply it to my diet too … why is it so hard?!!! I’m supposed to be showing my trainer my week’s food diary tomorrow … hell will freeze over first!

    the other 3 have all given you good advice … I don’t know what to say ‘cos I have just as much of a problem. If you find the answer, please let me know!

  5. Sekhmet

    Yep, right there with you. My LCD was going great until the weekend arrived and now I’m back to square one. I think I have to give up caring, when I don’t think about it and just enjoy myself I spend far less time obsessing about food. And I totally agree with you on the TBL thing, I wasn’t at all surprised to here her say that. It’s really hard to break that habit of rewarding hard diet effort with an all out blow-out. And for some reason I’ve been obsessing over pepperoni pizza lately! I’M VEGETARIAN!!!

    Don’t beat yourself up, maybe you just need to chill out and enjoy yourself. Have treats but don’t think of them as “forbidden” – that’s when the constant thinking about them and wanting them gets outta control and you (if like me…) get a stack of them and eat them all in one go resulting in feeling like crap and self-worthlessness, etc, etc

    Aah, I’m having food nightmares too (can ya tell?). I ate a disgracefeul amount of Cookie Cream Commotion ice cream on Sunday (and could have had more if BB would have let me go to the shops and re-stock up on it)

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