Welcome back to the real World

Sorry to all my regular readers, or is that a bit presumptuous?  How about regular checking in’ers?  Well I haven’t run or blogged since last Friday.  I ran home last friday, 8k due to a detour to the shop to meet up with TFMS and numerous stops to talk on the phone, organising social activities for the evening with the parentals who were over for the engagement party and a farewell party with friends off to work n England.  So it wasn’t much of a run in the end, just a series of sporatic intervals.

The weekend was good and Jam packed.  Everyone seemed to have a good time at the Party and loved the food…which was definitely one of the highlights.  The cake: turned up to pick it up just before 12pm, on time, but they didn’t have it…when taking the order they had written down the 14th of May.  Bugger.  Luckily they don’t like to disappoint their customers and they whipped one straight up for me and had it delivered to the party location before 3pm…no sweat.  everything else went like clockwork.  The rest of the weekend was hectic and tiring and on top of a full on training course Monday, Tuesday and today I have not had the inclination to go for a run.  Maybe I will make it out for a run in the morning…if I can drag myself away from all those blogs I haven’t read for almost a week and get to bed early. 



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4 responses to “Welcome back to the real World

  1. rachel49

    Good one Simlin. No running for 5 days. Don’t you want to beat me?

  2. Liz

    Do we get to see some photos???

  3. 2P

    Rachel I think he is sandbagging 🙂

  4. Go Rachel!

    Glad the party and late cake went well. You must have hundreds of readers and checking in’ers!

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