Back into the swing of things.

I needed another sleep in yesterday,  just one more, but did manage to sneak out for a run straight after work, and the legs were very fresh powering me through 8K at 5.45min/k pace.  Even though the legs were fresh the run was a bit of a struggle as I had a stitch pretty much straight away due to poor hydration management at work.  Ok so that wasn’t bad, but then I had to turn around and back that up with a run to work this morning.  I took the long way in, a tad over 11k, and didn’t feel to bad going up the back end of the ski slope, but I could definately feel the pounding I gave my legs yesterday.  1hr11mins later I was at work and apparently was sighted after just cresting the hill too, probably not my finest moment of the run.

No need for Sandbagging 2P, Rachel and I run in different weight devisions, and if she is consistent with her runs between now and the 20th of May, there is no way I could keep up with her.



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2 responses to “Back into the swing of things.

  1. We maybe in different weight divisions, but your legs are a hell of a lot longer than mine which means you should be taking steps twice as big as mine, hence, I have to run twice as far as you!

  2. You could tie her shoelaces together, or make her run in steel capped boots.

    I’m still undecided who to back.

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