It’s raining…are you mad?

It has been raining steadily here for over 24hrs now, which is a change, so when I was getting my running gear ready last night before bed the following conversation occurred:

TFMS: “Are you Running to work tomorrow?”
Simlin: “Yep”
TFMS: “But it’s raining.”
Simlin: “It might be raining on May 20th, need to practice”
TFMS: “But won’t you get really bad chaffing?”
Simlin: “nope, I will put sports shield on my nipplies”
TFMS: “But what about between your legs?”
Simlin: “nah, I wear my tights.”

So, got up this morning 5:30am to run to work, got dress, and then stood in the dark at the front door, with my hand on the handle, listening to the rain outside, wondering: :am I really going to do this?” and then out I went into the dark, hovering a second on the dry, sheltered porch before taking a deep breath and stepping out into the rain.

The rain wasn’t too bad, I enjoy running in the rain, and I floated along for a while at a pace I perceived as quite brisk (too dark to see Garmy and I refuse to use the backlight), to try and warm up the body a little.  About 1.5k in I was thinking about last nights conversation when….NOOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!…I had forgotten to put any protection  on my nipplies…oh God this is going to hurt…lucky I wore my dark coloured top.  I was blocking out the pain pretty well and then I turned to head up Macintyre Road and turned straight into the wind and rain…this was ok because it made my shirt so wet that it was heavy and didn’t move up and down as much, saving the nipplies.

Then it happened.

Half way up Macintyre hill (given up calling it the ski slope, that was a lame idea), going along steadily, nice and gentle like, because it is unsealed path and it had been raining for over 23hrs, when I felt a twinge in the left hamstring…yow, what was that…push on a little bit before I had to stop and stretch it.  Pushed on to the top of the hill at a reduced shuffle and stopped for another stretch.  Luckily the last 4k was all down hill and I just coasted down, and only felt very uncomfortable when I forgot myself and started to stride out a little too much.  Now that I am at work, I have been stretching it off and on, but I am doubtful it will come up in any sort of state for the run home tonight, so I might have to bum a ride home from someone.

More later from Silly Simlin.

Edit: later that afternoon…I might not have made it clear earlier Owly, but it was worse, at the risk of offending Rachel’s sensibility, let’s just say that I am grateful that I had a cardigan to wear over the top of my shirt today at work.

Definitely not running home, so rest easy all of you.  It doesn’t appear to be a short lived thing, so bumming a ride I will be, it makes it difficult to walk, but hurts more in the chest region.



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11 responses to “It’s raining…are you mad?

  1. Better to bum a ride than push it and make it worse this close to SHM half. I was a bit worried you’d do something silly with 2x20ks so close and it really was a jump in ks. You better be okay!
    Also, I really don’t need to know the details of nipple chaffing. It really does make me queezy.
    And, I love my backlight. The best part of my Timex watch 🙂

  2. oh no. Hope it pulls up ok. Don’t run home!!

    I wish it would rain for 23hrs here … we need it so bad. I think I’d like to experience running in the rain.

  3. 2P

    First sandbagging – now he is getting his excuses in early Rachel 🙂

    Hehe only kidding mate – look after it – as your good sis says better to bum a ride home than make it worse.

    Good luck with it.

  4. could have been worse…chaffed nipples and niggly hamstring :-0

    Hope it’s not serious though.

  5. Lulu

    Hope it is nothing serious. I’m going to be a volunteer at the end of the SMH half so I want to be able to give you your medal 🙂

  6. Hope your nipples and hammy recover- I always find the nipple thing a little weird but hooray for bras and no nipple problems!

  7. Sonya

    I sympathise with the wetness thing this am! Did the Waterfall Gully run at 6.00am – dark and wet! You weren’t the only one with chaffing this am (NOT me! others in the group!!) See you at the Greenbelt. I’m doing the 10km, but will probably not cool down until all of the 1/2M’s are home. Best wishes for sunday week.

  8. Hope the hammy and nips recover soon. I find that wearing my Skins top under the shirt stops any chafing dead, and really regulates body temperature well in hot or cold. BTW, what (or who) is TFMS?

  9. I can’t even imagine what chaffed nipples must feel like! Perhaps you could buy those little round band-aids to put on them……

  10. Just read your comments about running in the different suburbs. My parents live near McIntyre Road too and when I visit I go out running. So far I have seen one other person running. Maybe it is related to socio-economic factors.

    I live in country NSW and have to say that I mostly see people running during football season. Hope your niggles/chaffing clears up soon.

  11. Be careful with the hammy Simon. A twinge could turn to a tear. You don’t want to end up in Sydney as a spectator.

    We see runners in all suburbs here. Could be because, until recently, all suburbs had to have a certain amount of govenment housing.

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