20 Days to go!

Only 20 days to go now!  I forgot to mention that I went shopping on Saturday and ipod.jpgfinally after 5 years have updated my mp3 player and bought an Ipod shuffle.  About time I say as my old 30 song 128MB dinosaur was getting a bit weary.  Obviously I got a blue one and it is fantastic!

Last night was Bella’s 3rd walk and when I say walk, we ran a fair bit of it.  At some stages, to see how fast she was, TFMS (The Future Mrs Simlin) would run ahead and then Bella would run to catch up…lets just say that at the moment Bella’s top speed and my top speed are about the same as I was sprinting my little heart out trying to keep up with her.  Hammy pulled up all right though, so it was off to work this morning.  I was a bit tentative, especially going up hill or over gutters, and apart from a bit of paranoia the Hammy was good.

The month that was April…19 runs (one less than last month) but 198k (11k up on last month) and one 10k race in a PB of 55mins16sec.

I have filled out the entry form for the Green Belt Half Marathon on Sunday and it is sitting in my draw.  I was only going to do the 10k, but feel I need to do one more long run before May 20th for my peace of mind and confidence, so have filled it out for the HM.  I won’t be running it a race pace, but know it won’t be at LSD pace, but hopefully I can just relax into it and enjoy myself. 🙂

PS when I get time at home I will post catch up photos as my internet quota has now been reset for the new month (and I have increased it $$$)



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5 responses to “20 Days to go!

  1. rachel49

    I would love to do the Greenbelt half, but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself running an official half without trying to race it once the adrenaline gets going and I feel that could possibly bugger me up for SHM half….. And unfortunately the Barossa Half is the week after the SHM and I will probably be stuffed.
    You just be careful if you push yourself in the Greenbelt half. Don’t want you stuffing up that hammy and not being okay for the SHM!

  2. 2P

    Good to hear the hammie is going ok – full steam ahead for the 20th!

    Oh yeah – it is hard to know how fast doggies can really run because the usually pace themselves to you – try throwing a ball or stick and then see how fast doggie goes 🙂

  3. glad to hear that the hammie is holding up. Good luck with Greenbelt Half.

  4. ajh

    The iPod Shuffles are great aren’t they – I have one the same only silver. I love it too!

  5. My shuffle died recently (the older model) and am trying to decide what to upgrade to … love the new little ones though.

    Bella sounds like she’s growing into a great running companion.

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