last longer run.

This morning was the final run over 10k that I will be doing before the 20th.  There was some debate whether I would do it or not, as I was standing at the end of the driveway waiting for a satellite lock in the pre-dawn morning I peered first left and the 10.7k route to work and then down to the right at the 7.7k route to work.  My eyes lingered a long time to the right but when the satellite lock was established I set out to the left.  Running since Sunday has been more of a chore than it should be because I know that there is nothing more I can do now other than make my time on the 20th worse, but I need to turn the legs over.  The run wasn’t too bad except that my left ITB is feeling a bit tight up towards the hip, probably due to the fact that I have been slack over the last week with my normally religious post-run stretching routine…I will have to rethink that one…way to sabotage your chances at a sub 2hr HM!

I think I have decided on the Mother’s Day Classic 8k for Sunday’s race rather than the Sri Chinmoy 10k…deciding factor…wait for it LBTEPA…the BLING-BLING!



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2 responses to “last longer run.

  1. 2P

    Nice last longer run Simlin – all looking good for the 20th.

  2. Congrats on choosing the MDC, such a good cause. My wife had a breast cancer scare last year and I ran this event last year. She decided she’d rather have me home this Mother’s Day, so you can run the MDC for me!!

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