Cold hard facts.

Ran home yesterday at quite a rapid rate…second fastest time over that route.

This morning I have been pawing over sporttracks and some interesting facts came out.
1) I don’t like running on Monday.  Since the beginning i have only run 77k on Mondays, around 350k on every other day except Sunday (obviously) when I have covered 600k.
2) I have run to work or back 52 times, first starting on the 1st of June 2006 with a run home to Enfield.  That is a total of 460k.  I thought it would be more, that’s only a tank of petrol, maybe $65 worth…damn it doesn’t even cover the cost of a new pair of shoes…would have been cheaper to drive!  OK so that is a Little simplistic view of it all, but I had been using my Foot Falcon transport as justification for race entry fees.
3)I am approaching my 300th run since the beginning of this all, for a total of 2300km, including 11km of ascent and 11km of descent.  I expect to see all these numbers increase rapidly as I prepare for my first marthon.



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4 responses to “Cold hard facts.

  1. Impressive facts Simlin. The 11km of ascent is impessive. At that rate it’ll only take you 63 years to reach the moon 😉

  2. Pretty impressive. You’ve probably said it somewhere, but where have you picked to do your first marathon?

  3. Isn’t it fascinating pouring over your training logs, I waste hours doing it too. I just realised I am recording my 100th week of exercise since I started logging stuff.

  4. Amazing stats! When you lump them all together like that it sounds so easy! Like there’s no sweat, no pain, no personal challenges!! But we all know just how damn hard it is to get the km’s up to the numbers you have. I’m YEARS behind!

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