Holiday Eve

Just checking out the Jogger’s World Fun Run Series It is a pitty I am going to miss the first race on Sunday…it looks like fun +10 random draw shoe prizes afterwards 🙂 .  With all these fun runs and Marathon training coming up, I will have to update my calander page so that I can keep track of when they all are…so far there is the Jogger’s world 8k series, the Sri Chinmoy 10k series, with the Corporate cup 4.3k series coming up a bit later, not to mention the SARRC Torren’s classic 25k (now called Derby Dash) and River Run 30k then to cap off the Adelaide Marathon 42.2k and the City to Bay 12k…WOW! the race calander seems a lot fuller compared to last year!  Should be easy to reach my goal of running more races than last year now :).  Oh yeah, I am also missing the Barossa HM next Sunday as I will still be in Sydney.  I will do this event one day, I promise…now to stay injury free this year. 

Today I will jog home from work so that I can leave my car within it’s well gaurded perimeter and then it is off to the airport and Sydney bound…don’t arrive till 10:20pm so hopefully Krispy Kreme is closed, and Beki I am staying in DeeWhy.



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5 responses to “Holiday Eve

  1. 2P

    All the best for the big gig on Sunday Simlin – looking forward to seeing you go 1.5x.xx.


  2. ooo. xxx that isn’t that a bit risque?

  3. If Rachel doesn’t come through for me, I’ll try and miss you at the finish 😉

  4. Sekhmet

    Dude – stay away from the Krispy Creme!!! I had two (yep, two) for BREAKFAST when we flew to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago 😳

    We’ll have to try and organise a catch up while you are in town – sadly DeeWhy is not really that close to our favourite running shop…I don’t think – my geography is terrible, it could be right next door 😆

  5. we just got a krispy kreme in Brisbane …. mmmmmmm – why does something so good have to be so bad for you????

    All the best for the big day on Sunday – you’ve done the hard work, I look forward to reading the race report.

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