Just a quick update

Fantastic day today at the SMH half…beautiful weather.  The crowds through me abit from the start but in the end I finished with a 4min PB…that is right people I BROKE 2hrs! 1:59:16.  Downside…Rachel beat me…I dragged her through (I like to think so anyway)  I lost her in the crowd after a 200m and had no idea if she was in front or behind…but she was chasing me and caught me at 3k to go…good call Ewen. 🙂

Now I have been shopping and bought a new running outfit from Rebel and will probably just do more walking tomorrow before getting out in the Northern beaches around the headlands and stuff I think….maybe I will get a non-racing CR sighting?

Summary: happy chappy 🙂

Also nice to meet, TA &SFGnome, Beki, BlkBox, PlodBod, Bristol, Benny, Elli, a wave and shout-out from Lulu, Gronk and other CRs I talked to or yelled out too.



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9 responses to “Just a quick update

  1. yahoo – great run!!! Very nice to meet you today – gotta love a toilet line meeting!! and sorry i didn’t make it to the pub – i was shattered!

    enjoy the rest of your stay!!

  2. jeez i use a lot of exclamation marks… its a personality flaw I think…


  3. plu

    HI Simon,

    Well done I was wondering how you went. cheers Plu

  4. ajh

    Congratulations on a great run. Well done on the PB and breaking the 2 hour barrier. So what is the next goal? 1:45 ?

  5. Well done Simlin and Rachel.

    It’s always great to nail a goal time. May it serve as a good springboard into the next challenge at Adelaide.

    Good to meet you briefly at the pub.


  6. Great run Simlin – you must be stoked!! Well done!

  7. Nice to meet you yesterday mate. Great run. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week in Sydney. 🙂

  8. Hey, I told you I was a good judge of form. Or perhaps it was perfect execution of the plan from Rachel?

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